Quality Policy

Al Rashideen Engineering Turning policy is to identify the needs of the customers and satisfy them by producing quality products confirming to the specified requirements.The commitment is undertaken by all employees and achieved through documented procedures and their in prementation monitered for continous improvement.

Safety Policy

Al Rashideen Engineering Turning policy recognizes it's obligations under the safety to provide a safe and healthy place to work for its employees. The company will make every effort in the areas of accident prevention.All employees are also responsible for their own safety and that of their fellow employees. They must take immediate action to minimize the danger from any unsafe condition and ensure that the supervisor or manager is advised accordingly of any such condition.

Final Inspection

  • Study the drawing carefully and measure the dimentions as per the drawing and record the readings
  • Care is taken for the important dimensions in order to avoid problem in commissioning
  • Visually inspect all finished fillet welds for poresing, unevenlegs, cold lap, under-cut and cracking.
  • Ensure that any defective weld is repaired.